This is a Blog about Things That Annoy Me, Prof Ryan Spox, Britain’s best-looking, best-known and best of breed Theoretical Physicist, science communicator, thinking girl’s crumpet and, of course, former piano accordion player with NüLabor’s all time favourite pop band, D:Lusion.

A True Likeness of Your Host.

This Blog serves no purpose other than as a safety valve for the release of pressure. It will touch on politics, science, religion and all sorts of other things that real gentlemen do not discuss at social gatherings. You may, or may not,  agree with the opinions expressed in it. That is, of course, perfectly acceptable as I fully support your inalienable right to be wrong.

And even if you agree with me, we might both be wrong…

Incidentally, since this photograph was taken, I’ve changed my spectacles. That makes me harder to recognise. It’s a security thing.

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